0300 200 3300 - An Unofficial Resource, Providing a Call Connection Service for HMRC.

HM Revenue and Customs is an organisation that, through taxes, helps people in need and they work towards the improvement of general nature of work. One good example of this would be environmental taxes that serve to encourage the operation of business in an environmentally-friendly way.

Some businesses can be exempt from paying these taxes, but only if they use a lot of nature-friendly energy in their line of work, they are small businesses that spend very little energy or if they buy energy-efficient machines and technology.

The HMRC business contact number is just one of the many numbers operated by this department, as they have contact numbers for all major types of taxes. To ensure you get the right help, be sure to make the right selections by saying clearly what it is you require assistance with. Alternatively you can make a selection using your keypad.

You will have to contact HMRC for claim over capital allowances once you buy assets you want to use in your line of business. As you can see they are a government body which deals with many things alongside taxes. The assets in question may include machinery, equipment or business vehicles and together they are all called plant and machinery. You won’t have to pay full tax for those assets because you can deduct their value from the revenue you earned.

You can also claim allowance for other things that are not part of your business assets and they include:

  • Every-day running costs of your business
  • The items that you use in selling and buying process
  • And finance costs and interest payments for buying the assets

These expenses can be claimed as allowance as business expenses (if you happen to be a partner or sole trader) or they can be deducted from profits (if you are a part of limited company).

With HMRC you can also claim tax return on Claim Gift Aid charities, which in turn can be done online. In order to claim it you will have to have HMRC online services account. To enter the charity you will have to enter its postcode, HMRC reference and customer account number.

Once you get the HMRC online services account and apply for charity you will get a Charities Online activation code which will be delivered to you within a week after registration. You can use that code to activate Charities Online by entering it in the field that asks for the code.

Child Benefit

Many people have had problems with Child benefit and Guardian’s allowance money. The reason behind those issues is that this money can’t be paid into:

  • Any form of Child Trust Fund account
  • Children’s accounts
  • Passbook using business as well as building society accounts
  • NS&I accounts (National Savings and Investments)
  • Some types of mortgage accounts
  • Nationwide account that is listed in someone else’s name

Post Office card accounts can be used to get payments from state pensions or benefits. These accounts are used by people who can’t manage online or bank accounts. You will not be able to use this account if you have some form of income being paid into it or if you performed payments through Direct Debit card.