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Self Assessment

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0843 509 2500

Income tax in the UK is often collected through the HM Revenue and Customs Self Assessment system. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs created automated payment of this tax, as it is automatically deducted from wages, pensions or savings. Entities with other types of income must report it and pay the Self Assessment tax at the end of every tax year, which falls on the 5th April.

Get Help with Self Assessment

For any questions about Self Assessment, payments, who should pay, how to pay or any general enquires, call HMRC on the telephone number listed above. This will put you through to an advisor who will be able to help.

HMRC Self Assessment contact number UK for general inquiries is:

0300 200 3310 (Local Rate)

For those living outside of the UK, call:

+44 131 931 9070

Lines are open from 8am to 8pm on weekdays and from 8am to 4pm on Saturdays. These phone numbers should be called only if you have some problems with online payment of self assessment or if you lost either name or password of your HMRC account.

HMRC UK number for issues surrounding self assessment:

0300 200 360

Your ‘UTR’, or unique taxpayer reference is needed for this call.

What is Self Assessment?

Self Assessment is a method of payment where HMRC collects Income tax from those working in the UK. Tax is usually deducted automatically from wages and those that are self employed need to submit a tax return to deduct Income tax.

If you are unsure of whether or not you should pay Self Assessment tax then get in touch with the HMRC Self Assessment department using the telephone number found on HMRC’s website. They will be able to advise you on the next steps to take.

If you do have to complete your own Self Assessment then it’s important to keep accounting records from the current tax year. This makes it easier to fill in your tax return correctly and give a fair reflection of your income from that year.

How do I complete a Tax Return?

You can fill in your Self Assessment tax form either online or by post after printing and completing the SA100 form. This form needs to be submitted to HMRC by the deadline which is the 31st of January if you complete the form online. If you did not complete the Self Assessment form online for the previous year, then allow up to 20 working days before the deadline because you will need to register. To find out how to register then contact HM Revenue and Customs on the telephone number above.

Based on what you report to HMRC, your Income tax will be calculated for you. This is why the information you include on your tax return needs to be as correct as possible. The amount of Income tax you pay depends on the Income tax band you are in. To find out what band you are in, then call the helpline on the phone number above.

How do I make a Payment?

It’s important to ensure your payment to HMRC has cleared before the deadline or you may have to pay interest on your Income tax. Payment methods can mean you have to pay HMRC up to a week earlier than the deadline so it’s important to decide your method of payment as soon as you can. Same or next day payments include online or telephone banking, CHAPS, Debit or credit card payments, Post Office payments or payments made at the bank or building society. To pay at the bank, building society or the Post Office you will need a paying in slip from HMRC.

Other payment methods can take a little longer to be processed by HMRC like Direct Debit, Bacs or by cheque sent through the post. These methods of payment can take up to 3 days to clear so it’s important to factor this in when paying Self Assessment. If you haven’t already set up Direct Debit then allow for up to 5 days for the payment to go through properly and reach HMRC. If your deadline falls on a weekend or bank holiday, the payment will have to be received on the last working day before your deadline otherwise you may risk penalty charges or interest on your payment.

What is my UTR and how do I find it?

In general, Self Assessment tax can be paid online using your unique taxpayer reference, followed by the letter ‘K’. This unique taxpayer reference can be found on any paying-in slips or on your online account.

If you haven’t sent a tax return before then you will need to register with HMRC to make a payment. You need to get in contact with HM Revenue & Customs using the phone number above to register. Once you let them know you haven’t registered HMRC will send out a letter that will contain your Unique Taxpayer Reference, the number you need to enrol for Self Assessment online. You will be sent another letter within the next 10 days after enrolling containing your activation code. You will need this code when registering online. If you do not receive your activation code, or have lost it, you can request another activation code.

If you are having trouble paying your Self Assessment on time, it’s important to call HMRC and let them know what is going on. They will be able to help you continue paying your Self Assessment until you are able to make regular annual payments yourself.

If you are unable to log into your account, register for online services or are having problems submitting forms online or via post, it is best to call the HMRC contact number and speak with an advisor. They will be able to help you on the best steps to take.

This number should be also called if you experience any error messages on your online account or on any of the HMRC forms or if you want to download and use free software and tools supplied by HMRC. If you encounter obstacles in paying Self Assessment, you should call HM Revenue & Customs as soon as you are aware of these obstacles. These obstacles can be for a number of reasons from lack of money for payment of Self Assessment before your deadline, a disagreement with a tax decision or any other additional needs that need to be taken into consideration, like not speaking English language or some form of disability.

Contact HM Revenue and Customs for all enquires regarding Self Assessment and tax returns. Call for general enquires, help with completion of forms, payment information and much more. The phone number above will put you straight through with an advisor who will be able to help.